With the Magnetic Gun Mount, you can easily apply maximum tactical efficiency and convenience to your firearms storage system. These magnetic mounts can hold up to 35 lbs. of weight with ease while still allowing you to access your firearm easily.

The Magnetic Gun Mounts are designed to be discrete in any situation so you can store your firearm both discretely and conveniently. You can also store it close by your bed for maximum tactical efficiency in emergencies.


    • CONCEALED OR OPEN CARRY STORAGE - The Magnetic Gun Mount works in place of a holster, providing you easy access to your handgun. This mount can be used for concealed or open storage in your home or vehicle. Gun owners are encouraged to be mindful of the placement and use of this magnet in conjunction with the gun laws and concealed carry regulations in their respective states.
    • ADHESIVE BACKING & SCREWS - These gun mount magnets use a strong adhesive backing and screws for easy attachment to any surface, increasing the scope of possibility when it comes to handgun and rifle storage. This magnet can be securely attached to walls, tables, desks, or even the dashboard of a car or truck. These magnets are rubber coated and come with all screws and adhesive backing.
    • PISTOL ACCESSORIES - The Magnetic Gun Mount is intended for use with most pistols, including models by Glock, Smith & Wesson, SIG Sauer, and Ruger. It can also be used to easily store magazines when they are not being housed in the gun. This magnet is capable of holding up to 35 lbs and will keep your gun secure, regardless of the environment, location, or position it’s in.
    • EASY PLACEMENT FOR TACTICAL PURPOSES - This magnetic handgun mount allows you to place and store your guns in any position, based on personal convenience or tactical preference. Although the magnet is strong and secure, it allows for quick detachment so your gun is ready when you need it. This method of storage is ideal for both men and women and great for both the casual gun owner and the enthusiast.
    • CONVENIENT RIFLE STORAGE - When using two of these gun mounts, you can easily store just about any rifle, simplifying storage. The Magnetic Gun Mounts are also great for storing other gear as well, including flashlights and knives.


    • 1 each Gun Magnet
    • 4 Mounting Screws

    • 4 Drywall Anchors (Optional)

    • 3M Two-Sided Adhesive

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