Bolt Siren Stun Gun

This Bolt Siren is our best seller because it has an added protection of sounding an alarm so it doubles as a personal alarm.  It is 5 million volts of stun power with 100 lumens of light.  It has a disabling strap and when the strap is removed, it sounds a very loud siren sound and also disables the stun gun so it cannot be used against you.  

This Bolt Siren Stun Gun measures 4.4" x 1.57" x 0.98"

The Bolt Siren Stun Gun is available in the following colors:  Black, Purple, Blue

It is slightly longer than the Runt stun gun

See a demonstration of the Bolt Siren Stun Gun:   


How do you charge the device?  See David Brackman demonstrate it.