Self Defense ATL was founded in 2007 by David Brackman.  You may have seen Dave at a gun show or home show.  He warranties his products for at least two years and stands behind them.  Self Defense ATL is always adding new products to our lineup at the table and if it is liked by the customers, we then add it to the Website.  So the products you see here have been tested by our customers in Atlanta and various other cities. 

Dave has a passion for helping people defend themselves.  If you are having trouble deciding which product would be best for you, call him to discuss your situation.  

David lives in Johns Creek, Georgia with his bride of 37 years.  He has 4 grandchildren, about to be 5 grandchildren in the area.  He "retired" from the printing business several years back and became interested in these products after a hiker was killed on the Appalachian Trail on the same trail he has hiked many times.  

Dave has awesome associates in this business:  Pam and Mary both work the gun shows and home shows with Dave. His wife, Diane, helps with the paperwork and travels with him when she can.  She is also the Webmaster of the business and household.