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Do target practice in the comfort of your home.  Save on ammunition.  Train from your bedroom so you will be prepared for an intruder.  Train youngsters on gun safety without using live ammo. 

All of the cartridges come with 3 batteries (377 / 376 watch batteries)

You will need:  
     Smart phone (iPhone or Android) or tablet
     Free download of G-Sight app available from App Store or Google Play Store
     A way to mount the phone or tablet within a yard of the target

Please read all guidelines being very careful to empty all live ammunition from your gun.

Never aim your gun at a person or pet while training with this awesome system.

Choose the cartridge for your size gun.  If you have any questions or problems, call us for assistance at 770-378-3327.  G-Sight also has a helpline at 626-594-0016.

Watch this video for more information: