Car Charger Flashlight Stun Gun

This "Car Charger Flashlight" stun gun looks like a flashlight so the stun part does NOT show.  The end of it is a "glass breaker" so if you need to break out of the car (or help others get out) it might come in handy.  It has 9 million volts of power.  It has 120 lumens of light so it is a very bright flashlight.

It comes with a charger for the house and the cigarette lighter in your car (hence the name)

How would you use it?  Many customer use it to walk their dog.  It is an awesome device to keep in the car in case you have car trouble or have someone rear-end you.  It doesn't look odd to get out of the car with a flashlight (even in daylight) so you can assess the damage and look under the hood or under bumpers, etc.

And because it can be charged from the car, you don't even have to take it in the house to charge it!

This stun gun flashlight measures 36 x 30 x 196mm (LxHxB)

See a demonstration of this product: 



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