Stun Guns

Stun guns are a way to protect yourself in all types of situations.  They work by turning the person's blood sugar into lactic acid so it cramps up the area in which they are stunned.  It is also very painful.  

How would you use a stun gun?  IF you are walking to your car in the dark, carry it like a flashlight (and the light works, too) and then if you get scared or someone approaches, be prepared to switch it to "stun mode".  You MUST make contact with the attacker.  Hold it on them for 2 to 3 seconds and you will have time to get away.

I also think the flashlight stun gun is great to carry in your glove compartment.  IF you have car trouble or have a minor rear-end collision, it does not look odd to grab a flashlight so you can check for damage using the flashlight.  But if someone messes with you, you can switch it to stun mode and protect yourself!

I have had past customers tell me that they have actually used our stun gun to "put down" their attacker.  One woman was at home alone with the repairman who realized she was alone and she was able to make him regret that he attacked her.  One young man said he came to his truck as someone was robbing it.  He and his buddy pulled the guy from his truck and stunned him until the police arrived.  The guy was crying.  The police officer was glad to catch the person as there had been many break-ins into cars lately in the area.